Wild Child

I have always loved prints so I tend to easily gravitate towards it when I’m shopping. I love the print on this dress but I also love the fit and comfort of this dress. Not all the time I want to wear a fitted dress and not all occasions are appropriate for a fitted dress, so it is a good idea to have a loose fitted dress in your closet for those moments. The material of this dress is very light so you don’t have that feeling of wearing something that weighs you down. Because the dress is busy all on its own, I paired with nude heels and minimal gold accessories.

I don’t think there is anything particularly “wild” about this dress but my hair…. You would have never guessed that I spent an hour curling my hair. And then the Miami Humidity decided to drop my curls completely (insert tears here). So my hair ended up looking pretty wild by the time I took these photos. Once I viewed the pictures on my computer and seen what my hair ended up looking like, I thought I looked like such a “wild child.” LOL. Here is a pic of my hair before the curls completely dropped.


Outfit Details: Dress: H&M (currently on sale)

image image image image image image image

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