White is the New Black

The white fashion trend has made its presence known this summer and I love it. I remember a time when being able to find quality clothing in white a difficult thing to do. If not made properly, white can look very cheap so I always made very few purchases of white clothing. Fast forward to 2015, I am guaranteed to find quite a few items in white in every store I walk into. White is definitely the New Black! Because I never know when I am going to be invited to an all-white party, I try to purchase a few white items per year to cover myself. My quick fashion tip: Because white is currently a trend, it is very easy to find it in stores but when fall comes back around, finding white will almost be impossible so stock up now, LOL!

I am not sure if I necessarily believe in “Love at First Sight” but when it comes to clothes, it is very easy for me to fall in love. I came across this beautiful embellished jumpsuit while roaming around one of my favorite stores, Target. The embellished neckline immediately jumped out at me. Having an embellished neckline allows you to accessorize less, since it naturally allows the outfit to stand out. The layered top on the jumpsuit allows it to be two-dimensional and gives the illusion of a smaller waist line. With the way my weight is going this summer, I can use all the help I can get (insert teary eyes here). I always tell people not to “sleep on Target,” especially in their clothing department cause you never know what hidden Gem you will find. I hope you loved this look as much as I did. Take a look, comment below, tell a friend and don’t forget to subscribe.


“Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.” – Zoey Sayward

Outfit Details: Embellished Jumpsuit: Target

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