Out on the Town

You ever have those moments when an outfit unexpectedly comes together? This is my moment. I love printed skirts so when I came across this skirt a couple of months back, I had to purchase it. The print is gorgeous, the fabric has a nice thickness and feel to it and let’s not forget about the shape of the skirt. It just felt all type of elegant to me. There was also a matching sweater that was available but it wasn’t my style and the skirt was pricey enough. I tried it on with a few other tops and I didn’t like it, so I let the skirt patiently sit in my closet, LOL! I came across this beautiful printed chiffon top about 2 weeks ago and I originally had a different vision for it. But when I got home, I instantly knew it would pair great with the flared skirt. This is one of those outfits that when you put it on, you are ready for a night “Out on the Town.” I can say that I received a lot of compliments and a few “let me know when you’re done with the skirt” comments, LOL!

The skirt is very versatile and can be paired with different tops to achieve a various amount of looks. Because of the neutral colors on the skirt, it allows you to wear it with either neutral tone tops or pops of color to brighten up the look. Not sure how I will wear it next but I love this look for now.

Flared Skirt: Purchased a few months ago but similar style of skirt here H&M ; Chiffon Top: Forever 21 ; Heels: CL

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