Take a Walk on the Wild Side

There’s nothing like animal print to make a bold statement when it comes to fashion. Pairing a print item with a solid color allows it to be the focal point in your outfit. I paired a black top with the leopard print pants and blue heels for a pop of color. There is no need to be afraid of wearing any print item as it can be paired with a solid color but stray away from mixing animal prints together as it leaves room for disaster. The colors I believe pairs well with leopard print are black, blue, red, white, khaki and yellow. When paired with black, white or yellow it tends to tone down the leopard print. And when pairing with bolder colors such as red, blue or yellow, the leopard print pops out even more but not as to be considered fashion road kill! A trick I use when dressing with a bold print is to take a picture of my outfit before I step out and see how it looks on camera. If you are unsure, try again until you are satisfied and confident with your choice. Go Bold or Go Home!

Outfit Details: Shirt, pants & accessories: Forever 21 ; Heels: Steve Madden

Leopard 5 Leopard 2 Leopard 1 Leopard 4

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