So Sophisticated

The focal point of this outfit for me is the printed pencil skirt designed by Peter Pilotto for Target Collection. I bought the skirt back in February and I wanted to find the right look before I wore it. Because I want the skirt to stand out, I simply paired it with a black lace bodysuit and white blazer. To make the look more professional, I would simply pair it with a solid black bodysuit or shirt instead of the lace one shown below and close-toe pumps instead the strappy heels. I love having a variety of blazers because it easily change the look of an outfit. The look below can work with or without the blazer, it would all depend on where you’re wearing it to. Before wearing a blazer became a trend, it was something that was only seen to be worn in a professional setting. But when you own your style, a blazer can be worn where ever and with what ever (i.e. shorts, jeans, slacks, etc…) you please. All in all, the complete look made me feel, “So Sophisticated!”

Outfit Details: Blazer: Express ; Bodysuit: Forever 21 ; Skirt: Peter Pilotto for Target

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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