Modern Day Romance

I never would have imagined that an outfit can inspire romance or inspire love. When you’re had bad relationships or witnessed someone you love be hurt by someone who says they love them, you can become a little cynical at the idea of romance and love. I can admit that I am guilty of it so that’s why I’m surprised that an outfit inspired romance in me. And that’s exactly what this look did. I mean, who doesn’t love a good romance? LOL! A male friend of mine seen this picture, (before posting it on the blog of course) looked at me and said, “I would take you on a date.” That is also where part of my inspiration came from in the spirit of romance. Ladies, we don’t have to be naked for a man to find us attractive, we don’t have to be naked in order to grab and keep a man’s attention, we don’t have to be naked in order for romance and love to take place. Trust me, I’m not pointing fingers because I was once there too, thinking the less wear, the more a man would look at me and want me. And it worked but they never looked and wanted me for the right reasons. As time goes on, I can only hope that I mature and grown enough to realize my own self-worth. Let’s stop looking for other people to validate who we are.

I swear I never plan to have a message within the message but I honestly write what I feel. And if my message is able to inspire or help someone in any capacity, then mission accomplished. Now on to this outfit….. LOL! I remember seeing this skirt in the store and it gave me a very flirty yet classy vibe. I love the monochromatic look so I went for blush-on-blush. The wrap bodysuit with peek-a-boo sleeves added to the flirty and romantic look. I believe the flower crown is the epitome of romance. It just brought me to the era of goddesses wearing crowns and just a time of love. Who’s cynical now? LOL! Ladies, let’s redefine the Modern Day Romance, where we know our self-worth and recognize what romance truly is.

Outfit Details: Bebe: Bodysuit & Skirt ; Flower Crown: Claire’s ; Clear Box Clutch: eBay

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