How to Maximize What’s in Your Closet: 1 Romper, 3 Ways

For those of us who constantly experience the “I have nothing to wear” moment, while staring at a closet full of clothes, I decided to show how you can make multiple use of one item of clothing. Whenever I know I’m going out, I try to plan my outfit in advance, as that seems to take me the longest when it’s time to get ready. And in those moments of trying to plan out my outfit, I find myself constantly staring at my closet, hoping for something to grab my attention. And when that fails, I look at past pictures I post on either Instagram or Facebook for some outfit inspiration. I noticed I found myself constantly thinking, “This is a repeat, I can’t wear this!” I don’t have the luxury of wearing my clothes only once so I had to find ways to create a whole new outfit from something I’ve already worn. This whole synopsis is the inspiration behind maximizing what’s already in my closet.

Look 1: With the weather in Miami, I always look for a good romper. I came across this gorgeous romper at Target by Fashion Union. I was drawn to the scalloped neckline and bright color. I kept this look simple by pairing it with bright orange peep-toe heels and a statement necklace.

image image image

Look 2: After I wore this romper to an event, I was devastated to think that it would have to remain in the back of my closet. I decided to completely switch it up by pairing it with a full skirt. To the untrained eye, no one would ever know that I was wearing a romper with a skirt on. I paired this look with floral heels from Steve Madden and gold fringe necklace.

image image image


Look 3: Since I love the romper look, I decided to just add a blazer to it. I had a lot of fun with this look because of the color block effect. I paired it with a bright pink blazer and turquoise heels.

image image image

I really learned not to feel limited in what I have in my closet. I’m usually at events where a lot of pictures are taken so I try my hardest not to repeat. But who doesn’t love a good remix, LOL! I hope this has broaden your closet items just a bit more. Talk to me ya’ll and let me know which is your favorite look?

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