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This week’s “Man on the Move” is my good friend, Adrian. We took a class together at Florida International University and have remained friends since then. He was always well-spoken and confident both in class presentations and his everyday life and while that may have unknowingly intimidated some people, I welcomed it. When I first learned that Adrian was writing a book, I wasn’t surpirsed. As I mentioned, he is well-spoken, educated and everything he says sounds so smart and profound, LOL! His “spoken word” is naturally captivating and as I read his book of poems, he was able to captivate through every single page. Meet my friend and author of Lovebook, Adrian Carter.

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Q: What made you decide to write a book?

A: I was spiritually inspired to write this book. One day, I was playing golf with my mentor, to whom the book is dedicated, and it just kind of dropped in my spirit to go back and write poetry. I use to write poetry from when I was 9 years old. As the years went by, the poetry turned into music. I eventually knew the poetry would turn into a book and be something that was published.

Q: Why would you say writing the book was spiritually led as opposed to it being something that you always wanted to do?

A: The motivation to do it was not of my own. The process of writing the poetry was not about me at all. It was much more of me being inspired to write rather than something that I always wanted to do.

Q: How was the process for writing the book?

A: The book is dedicated to Dr. Hunt. He is a pastor, mentor and someone I grew up with for the past 25 years. He has been very instrumental in my development as a human being and as a person of character. The process for writing the book was geared towards capturing his life through poetry.

Q:And what has been his response to the book?

A: He knew all along that I was writing a book, however he did not know that it would be dedicated to him. Later at an event, I performed and he was there and that was the first time that he heard the poems were made to capture his life. His response was, “keep up the good work.”

Q: What has been the response overall?

A: It’s been phenomenal. When people actually take the time to read and digest it, they come away realizing the depth of its content. Its earth-shaking, in all honesty. The book talks about love and it expresses love in a way that it hasn’t been looked at before. There has been an excellent response. One readers comment was that “it shows the stature of a righteous man.” And that was accurate because it was written about my mentor and it does display his character in the book. Another comment that I received, “your work is very thought-provoking and comfortable, all at one.”  

Q: So what’s next for you?

A: I’m already working on a second book. The inspiration has overflowed and even when I did the book signing launch, I remember the next day I wrote another poem. And this was after the book was already published. I’m still inspired and therefore I write.

Q: Where can your book be purchased?

A: The book is available on my website at The book comes with a CD of music and spoken word performances. On the website, you will find excerpts from the book and also videos and pictures  from my performances.


Here is one of the poems from Lovebook, entitled I Am Fashion:

I Am Fashion,

My favorite clothing line

Custom made apparel

To ‘dress my state of mind

Tailor’s name, Passion

Look back in time

Was always in style

This tailor’s design

Conservative and liberal

Both at the same time

A palette of colors

To leave One sublime

Many struggle

To keep up with the trend

Undress themselves

And put on sin

But even then

When faced with problems

Dingy with issues

About to hit bell-bottoms

A jacket of mercy

From a mentoring friend

To warm cold hearts

And ‘dress us again

And deliver us from

How we pretend

Shows up in God’s timing

To give us a hem.


I Am Fashion,

Dressed to impress

Stitched with a

Breastplate of righteousness

Taught my calling

And appropriateness

For when called to cook

I’m dressed as a chef

When called to travel

I’m dressed as a guest

When called to run

I’m dressed in my sweats

When called home

I’m dressed in my best

Outfit that fits

My God’s request

Love is the material

I Am is the brand

Girt about with truth

I know who’s I Am

Materialistic for heavenly things

And materialized

As the Christ of God that

No photography can surmise

Logo, shield of faith

Gift card, shop for free

Arrive wearing, I Am Fashion

States I Am sent me. 


I Am Fashion,

Winter clothing line

Exact set of clothes

For the troubled mind

Fall clothing fits

During sundry times

Colors of encouragement

To back you with a spine

Dried out, overheated

Blind leading the blind

Rest can be found in the

Summer collection line

Springtime couture

Reminds us all is fine

Future bright pastels

Observing miracles and signs

This is high fashion

On the high runway of life

A living mannequin

Of the man I Am in Christ

All else is a fad

Their jewelry line is fake

In my person I Am made over

All else impersonates

Eleason’s menswear of preparation

Ellen’s hats of salvation

I Am Fashion,

Dressed for every occasion.

***If you like Spoken Word and would love to see him perform live, he is having an event May 28th, 8pm @ Bahama Breeze Restaurant in Pembroke Pines, FL***









Note: You can keep up with Lovebook and events on Facebook: lovebookpoetry; Instagram: lovebookcartermusic ; Website:

The Carter Lab Music

Q: In addition to you being an author, you also have a music lab. What has been your inspiration through that?

A: I have grown up always being involved in music. When I was in the 5th grade, my best friend and I thought we could sing. Shaba Ranks, who was very known Reggae artist, his manager lived in my neighborhood. So my best friend and I came up with the idea to put a demo together. I remember talking to my father about it and he was very encouraging, even though he knew nothing would ever come of  it. LOL! I developed a passion for music over the years, which inspired me to develop my engineering company, where I master, mix, record, produce and song write.

Q: How has music inspired your poetry?

A: I see it as one continuum; from one thing to another. As a song writer and I write poetry, I see it all as the same. Although not all songs are poetry, they both convey the message.

Q: If you could say something that could inspire others, what would it be?

A: Be still enough, long enough to hear.

How poetic!

Note: You can keep up with The Carter Lab Music on Facebook: adriancartermusic; Website:; Twitter account: cartermusiclab


In a recent conversation, Adrian mentioned that most profound works are usually appreciated 20 years from when it was first written or introduced to the world. I can only hope that his work is appreciated NOW by the masses, in addition to it being appreciated 20 years from now. This man is definitely “on the move” and can only go up from here! Congrats to you and your continued success.

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