Love Affair

My love affair with fashion is something that will never die down. I am always inspired by things around me, people who I see, celebrities, what’s trending and so forth. Fashion is something that no matter how I feel, when I walk into a mall, try something on, shop online, it instantly leaves me with a calm feeling. I am one of those people who can be in a mall for hours because it never gets old to me. I don’t limit myself to trying things because it is usually the items I feel like might be too difficult to pull off, is the item I fall in love with. Don’t mind me, just felt like expressing my love for fashion.

I remember seeing this bodysuit in the store and thought that this could easily trend on the “ratchet” side. Which is why I decided to pair it with this beautiful mint flared skirt. Don’t get me wrong, we all have that moment when we are going for that hard-core chic vibe, this just didn’t happen to be that moment for me. Just to add a little pizzazz to the look, since it is fairly simple, I paired it with a black and white checkered clutch and black heels with a leopard platform. Lately, I’ve been going for the simple look with pops of color. The one thing I truly love about fashion is that it is forever evolving and there is also no limit to what you can do with it. Okay, that was two things but you get my drift. LOL!

Outfit Details: Bodysuit: Local Boutique ; Skirt: H&M ; Heels: Steve Madden ; Clutch Aldo

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