Live. Leather. Love.

I promised a 2nd look with these lace-up heels and I hope I didn’t disappoint. These heels are super sexy and I felt it deserved a sexy outfit to match. I’ve had this skirt since December 2012 but Forever 21 recently released it again. I should have bought another pair for longevity purposes. I love this skirt and everything I wear it with brings a certain sex appeal. Leather is just sexy, in my eyes. I love denim and when I saw this bralette top lined with leather, there was no way I could leave it in the store. And together, I honestly believe it makes a deadly combo. This outfit was not meant to be dressed down at all, which is why I showed a completely different casual look to pair with the lace-up heels (reference the “Money Bags” post). Let me know what you think about the outfit. How would you do it differently? What do you love or hate about the look?

“Leather is such a sexy piece of fabric!”

Outfit Details:

Denim/Leather Bralette & Skirt: Forever21

Heels: Keyshia Cole Steve Madden Collection

image image image image image image image

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