Introuducing Makeup Monday’s

Last night was my first time going Live on Facebook and I did a tutorial showcasing my Flawless Foundation Routine. I am completely in awe in the amount of positive feedback that I received from doing that video. Currently the video has 1.5k views in less than 24 hours and I know, with everything in me, that was no one but God. I have allowed my fears to hold me back from doing something that I love. We are truly our own worst critics but thankfully, God has placed the right people in my life who just kept speaking life into me, which allowed me to get past the doubt and fear and go forth in the right direction. I was nervous for all of two seconds and once the video started there was no more fear, just pure love for what I do. I loved the live interaction with people, answering questions and teaching my techniques. I am so excited to see how far God will take me with this one. I just have to do my part and I am hopeful that you all will continue on this journey with me. #ElleJaeDab

Click on the link below to see #MakeupMondays Promo Video:

Makeup Mondays

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