Inspire Me Mondays: Wedding Edition

With 3 of my close friends getting married within the year, wedding talk is coming from all angles. So it’s hard not to have wedding ideas on the brain constantly. With so much to consider, wedding planning is no easy task. I commend those who plan on a professional level, because it is their job to make the bride and groom wedding dreams come true and for the day to go off without a hitch. As happy as I would be, I just hope none of my other close friends or family get engaged any time soon, LOL (joking……but not really).

Apart from all the wedding planning, there is much to consider when choosing the wedding dress and attire for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. I think it’s easier to first have an idea of the silhouette you would like for your wedding dress before you walk into a store to try things on. That as least narrows it down with the numerous choices out there. And for the wedding party, knowing your colors and trying to accommodate the various sizes in the party, should help in selecting a style of dress for the bridesmaids and color combo for the groomsmen. Just being in the mix of all things wedding, my idea of what I would want has changed so many times. So at this moment, it’s better to just focus on the weddings at hand.

Love is contagious.

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