Inspire Me Mondays: Mrs. Solange

Lately, I have been truly inspired by the newly wed Solange fashion sense. What inspires me the most is her willingness to be bold with her fashion statement and she exudes that confidence in everything that she wears. I think Solange is not afraid to be who she is and doesn’t let anyone identify or define her character. Trust me, I don’t even know her personally nor have I ever met her but what she portrays is uniquely her. I believe that she gives women of color a great platform to stand on, especially when we are told we have to look a certain way in order to seen as beautiful. She wears her natural hair so beautifully that it allows women everywhere to be who they are for themselves and not for anyone else, no matter how they decide to wear their hair. But that’s the point, we decide how to wear our hair, not by nor for the “ideal” image of what a black woman should look like.

Solange style is truly captivating and different, yet bold. She has fun with fashion and it is evident by what she wears. I think for a long time, people have seen her as just Beyoncé’s little sister, ignoring her talents and individuality. She never went on a rant about who she should be seen as. By simply being herself, she has created her own identity rightfully so. I truly love her style and I hope you are as fashion inspired as I am.

Congrats Mrs. Solange!

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