House of DVF: Episode 7 Recap

Hello lovely people! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Last night’s episode….I have no words. Well, not really, LOL, cause I’m about to give you all my recap. The episode began with giving the remaining three ladies – Hanna Beth, Cat & Alli – the task of styling VIP Clients that were to attend the DVF Awards. The ladies are to turn a blank space into a styling area for the clients. In the midst of setting up, Hanna Beth & Alli gets trapped in an elevator, while trying to bring two racks of clothes from the first floor to the second floor. Because Hanna Beth is claustrophobic, she had a panic attack on the elevator before maintenance was able to get the door open. This panic attack pretty much paralyzed her when it was time to assist the clients with styling. Jessica couldn’t figure out what was going on with her, so she pulled her to the side to talk with her. Hanna Beth was able to release her stress while talking to Jessica, which Jessica then assigns her to do the interviews at the DVF Awards. I don’t feel like Hanna Beth has truly been able to show what she’s capable of so this assignment was the perfect opportunity to prove herself. As the ladies continue on with styling the clients, Cat starts to be her usual pushy self and is pretty much throwing her opinions on clients, even when it wasn’t needed. “She takes two steps forward only to take 10 steps back!” Jessica immediately pulled her to the side and gave Cat some much-needed criticism. It never fails for Cat to revert to who she really is. She’s so busy trying to make a lasting impression that I don’t think she realizes when her lasting impression is a negative one. Yes, Jess was mocking her but Cat doesn’t respond to positive reinforcement. Someone like Cat needs to be knocked down in order for her to take notice.

Jess vs Cat

After a stressful day, Cat met up with her parents to catch up and discuss what recently happened at work. Being that no one knows her better than her parents, her dad gave her some well needed insight, “you tend to not listen to people. Don’t take this personally, she is pushing you this hard because maybe she see’s something in you. You need to thank her.” Wise words Dad, wise words. Hanna Beth was also able to spend time with her Mom. I can see where Hanna Beth gets her edgy style from. Her mom is such a free spirit, with such a presence about her. She definitely gets the “Coolest Mom” Award!

Hanna Mom

The night of the DVF Awards have arrived. The ladies are all to get into their assigned roles. They have pretty much been warned that their performance tonight can really make or break their chances at being the Global Brand Ambassador for DVF.   First up is Hanna Beth, as she is the one doing interviews with the attendees. I must admit that I was a little nervous about how she would perform under pressure but she actually did an amazing job. And just as she thought she was done, she was asked to do one last interview with… Naomi Campbell!!! I think naturally everyone has a preconceived notion as to how Naomi Campbell interacts with others, especially her “Diva” antics but the interview turned out to be great and Naomi was very engaging and open during the interview. You can now breathe Hanna!

Hanna Beth

Cat tends to perform best under pressure so she did well with her assignment. Alli, who I initially was not worried about, actually was the one who did the worst. Stefani said it best, “Alli doesn’t believe that she belongs here, she is more so in amazement of actually being here.” Alli was pretty much star struck and was unable to do the task that was given to her.

The ladies have returned to DVF Headquarters where Diane, Jessica and Stefani have a round table discussion with the ladies. I really thought this was the end of the road for Alli, but Diane gave the ladies an opportunity to say why she should choose them instead of the other two. Alli definitely pointed out Hanna Beth and Cat’s weaknesses, as she clawed her way to the top and made it about her. This is what Diane wanted. It’s a competition and the claws are out! Hanna Beth definitely started to fight for herself while Cat really tried to keep quiet, listening to Alli pretty much down talk her. Unfortunately for Cat, she couldn’t hide her facial expressions and was egged on by DVF staff to say what’s on her mind. At the end of it all, Cat still end up walking away looking like the bad guy. “I would take a good person under my wing over a smart a$$hole!” You better PREACH Stefani!


Next week is the finale episode. I am super excited to see who will be the next DVF Brand Ambassador but I will unfortunately miss the finale episode, as I will be out of the country (insert real tears here). So let me try to predict who I think I will be the Brand Ambassador. Cat actually has great work ethic but her mouth and inability to listen always sets her back. Diane might like her but her staff will have a difficult time working with her, as she has proven on more than one occasion. Hanna Beth hasn’t really shown much of herself and what she is capable of until the end. I am not sure how she will handle being a Brand Ambassador on her own. She will not always have someone around to tell her when she’s being too withdrawn and needs to engage more. What Alli lacks in knowledge in the fashion and design industry, she makes up for with her personality and ability to fit in and be a hard worker. I feel that Alli is the most modable because she can take constructive criticism, she’s always willing to learn and doesn’t mind putting in the work required. And that is why I would predict her to become the next DVF Brand Ambassador. Let’s see how this season ends.

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