House of DVF: Episode 6 Recap

Before I recap the latest episode, let me first apologize for not posting about the previous episode. I was not home to catch the episode and I could never seem to catch E! for a replay of the episode. I am still upset about missing it. Anyhow, let’s move on to last night’s episode. The show started with the remaining ladies – Cat, Hanna Beth, Leigh & Alli – being given the task to promote a DVF Pop Up Store in Boston. The ladies were split into two groups, Cat & Hanna Beth and Leigh & Alli, to pass out flyers for the Boston Pop Up Store. Leigh & Alli didn’t seem to be in the best area to promote the store, while Cat & Hanna Beth came across a busy street full of students and was able to advertise the store well.

The day of the Pop Up Store, the ladies were tasked with setting up the whole store with all the merchandise that were available for sale. Everyone arrived on time for set up except Cat. I think it was at this moment that the ladies started to build a slight animosity for Cat. She talks herself up so much that when she does the slightest thing wrong, everyone takes notice. The ladies got the store ready at the last moment, as the crowd was all lined up and ready to shop. Stefani Greenfield overseen the event and pretty much was around to give advice to  ladies on how to be successful with this challenge. Hanna Beth was very withdrawn in the beginning but after Stefani gave her some advice, she turned things around and actually engaged with the clients and made some sales. Leigh was overwhelmed with the whole thing and it showed. Alli’s presence stood out the most to me. She’s a natural. Everything she did felt effortless. Now here comes Cat, who was overbearing and overeager to make a sale. She was  literally stealing clients and making sure everyone knew her name, which honestly wasn’t fair to the other ladies who were putting in hard work as well. Leigh and Alli got tired of it and said something to Stefani, who then in turn mentioned the complaint to Diane. Diane finally arrived, took pictures with people in line outside, came in the store, engaged, was her fabulous self and asked for Cat to leave with her. This is where I felt Leigh starting to get too comfortable. “Talk To You Never Cat!”


It did appear as if this was the end of the road for Cat because it always seem to be a complaint about her vs. her doing well. I think Cat felt like it was over for her as well. Part of being a Brand Ambassador is being able to work well with others and I fear that Cat will not succeed for that reason alone. Diane had a talk with her and it really did feel like we all seen this before because this is not the first time Diane had to talk to Cat about people not being able to work with her. When your actions start to make your boss question who you are and if you are a good fit, you officially have a problem.


Unfortunately last night, we had to say goodbye to Leigh. I will be honest and say I didn’t initially see this coming. I really thought Cat was a goner. But Cat pulled herself together at the Charity Event. Leigh….not so much. When it comes to expressing herself and communicating to others, she is socially awkward. Being a brand ambassador, you have to be able to effectively communicate with others while representing the brand. The DVF Staff will not always be around to monitor the girls, so this is something that the brand ambassador has to be able to do without supervision. I think Leigh also started to get a little too comfortable in her position and truly felt like there was no way Cat could remain and not her. Diane proved otherwise.


Here are a few things that I learned from this episode:

  • If you act like you’re perfect, you better be perfect. Cause the slightest misstep will be noticed.
  • Never get too comfortable because you will never see change coming, which may or may not include you.
  • If you want to be a brand ambassador, you have to know what the job demands of you. You have to know how to sale yourself in order to sale the DVF Brand.

We are down to the Final 3. Stay tuned….

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