House of DVF: Episode 2 Recap

I was excited to watch the latest episode of House of DVF last night. What better way to understand what it means to be a brand ambassador then to continue to watch the show and see what challenges/assignments Diane and her team presents to the 7 ladies.

House of DVF

As stated by DVF’s Style Editor, Jessica Joffe, last night was the “official start of the ambassador program.” There were 4 assignments given in this episode:

  1. Create an editorial board that would illustrate what the DVF woman is to you. Diane chose 2 winners, Leigh & Kat to go to Paris.
  2. Leigh & Kat arrives to Paris, when Diane gives them the task to take pictures of Paris that could possibly end up in Madame Figaro’s magazine.
  3. Back in New York, the other ladies are assigned by DVF’s Artistic Director, Michael Herz, to design a new piece of clothing using DVF’s iconic chain link print that could possibly be included in the next DVF collection.
  4. Back in Paris, Leigh & Kat are given a serious assignment by Jessica, where they are completely representing the DVF Brand. They are assigned to preview the DVF collection with the press.

The main thing I learned from this episode is to never give up your position without  a fight. Whenever you walk into a new situation, there will always be someone who may know more than you, have more experience than you, talk louder than you…but you have to remember why you are there in the first place. Nothing is given to you by chance so believe in yourself and what you have to offer and go from there. Diane is a true mentor and she is giving 7 ladies an opportunity of a lifetime, to represent her brand on a global level. When you remove the glam and the glitz, what you have left is the hard work needed to maintain your brand. I am definitely excited to see what more I will learn from this show.

Stay tuned….

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