House of DVF: Episode 4 Recap

Where to start about last night’s episode. By the time the show was done, I was left in shock and highly anticipating the next episode. The show started off with the ladies having some down time to enjoy themselves and hopefully bond with one another. Last episode showed a lightbulb going off on Kat’s head realizing that although this is a competition, she still has to get along with the other ladies she’s working with. Apparently the lightbulb has already dimmed down because Kat interjected her own agenda on a night that was meant for fun to further elaborate on how she felt as if no one liked her. The girls did not hold back and really broke it down to her and told her to humble herself. Let’s see how long it takes for this advice to really sink in.

The ladies were given their first brand ambassador assignment for the vision expo, which DVF would debut their new sunglasses collection. Prior to the event, the ladies decided to take the brand to the streets and pretty much see how consumers felt and knew about the brand. Cree has been struggling since Day 1 but this episode is where it all started to unravel. She knows she’s different but it appears she doesn’t know how to channel that difference into her competing to be the Brand Ambassador for DVF. Once the ladies returned back to DVF Headquarters, Diane requested a one-on-one with Chantal. Although Diane asked for Chantal to tell her about who she is, Chantal pretty much blanked out and couldn’t get a word in. She did manage to ask Diane a great question by asking her how did she know who she wanted to be when she was a young girl? Diane eloquently replied, “I wanted to drive my own bus, which means I wanted to be independent.” Well said Diane, well said.


The day for the vision expo has arrived and the ladies are tasked with setting up the DVF booth. The plan was for the ladies to split into two groups of three, where three would remain at the booth, while the other three would pitch to potential customers to sell DVF sunglasses. Kat, Alli & Cree took the first round of approaching potential customers. Cree began to dig her own grave by trying to pitch on her own, as oppose to pitching and working as a team. She was not here for any constructive criticism. Granted, Kat’s delivery isn’t always the best but that’s the real world. Everything isn’t going to always be peaches and creams nor will anything ever be handed to you. And Cree not wanting to work with the ladies was seen by the DVF staff.


All-in-all, the ladies did well. Everyone sold but Cree. She did mention that selling isn’t her strong suit but she didn’t have any other way to be useful to the team, whether providing awesome customer service and positive energy to everyone around her. She was even told by a customer, “this isn’t about you.” Cree gave up on herself before the night was over. After the event was over, Diane met with the ladies to discuss how it went. Cree agreed with Diane about her inability to sale and asked to speak with Diane in private immediately. To be honest, if my boss just told me that I am doing well, it would not be in that moment where I would ask to speak in private! No sir, not me! Let me go and reassess my situation first and come up with a new plan of action. But Cree requested to speak with Diane because she already made up in her mind that she was removing herself from the brand ambassador program. At least Diane respected her for it.


Here are a few things that I learned from this episode:

  • If your boss is taking the time to personally inquire more about you, do just that! Let him/her know more about you. That’s a sign of interest so seize the moment. No one can market who you are better than yourself.
  • Constructive criticism seems to be a hard pill to swallow for these ladies. If someone even takes the time to provide you with feedback, albeit constructive or not, listen, learn from it and come back 10 times stronger. People are going to give you their opinion, whether it’s to help you grow or hurt you. And as the old cliché goes, “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”
  • If your individuality is more important to you than a brand, better yet someone else’s brand, then being a brand ambassador is not for you. Being a brand ambassador isn’t about you doing what you want to do. It’s about representing what the brand actually stands for. That doesn’t mean you can’t provide or influence change, but that change will only enhance the brand and nothing else.
  • Quitting…..this is a hard one for me because I honestly don’t what it means to quit, especially when it is something that I am passionate about. No matter how hard things may seem in life, if something means anything to you, you have to go through the good and the bad to truly appreciate where you are going. To have to live with knowing that you quit an opportunity that was only granted to 7 ladies, seems ungrateful and a coward move. I don’t know her situation and what mind space she was in at that time, but it was definitely hard to watch someone throw away such an amazing opportunity. Yes, you’re “different” but figure out how to make it work for you and not against you.

Stay tuned….

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