House of DVF: Episode 3 Recap

I hope everyone has been keeping up with this show cause last night’s episode got REAL! The show started with an assignment given to Kat & Leigh from the last episode, while in Paris to interact with the press about the DVF brand. A simple question Leigh asked Kat about someone’s name turned into a heated discussion all because Kat felt like she wanted to solely prove to the DVF Team that she was doing what was asked of her. And instead of either providing Leigh with the name or not, she pretty much argued back and forth with Leigh at the press event. Of course this gets back to Diane, who then request to speak with Kat. I believe this discussion with Diane was an eye-opening moment for Kat because she has to learn how to work with others. You don’t have to kick someone while they’re down, while you work your way to the top.


Another assignment from last week, was the design project where the ladies would create an illustration of a new design for DVF. Some projects were received well and some weren’t. Diane chose the two she liked the least, Alli & Maytee, and invited them to the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards. Their simple task was to mingle and observe the crowd. Diane clearly stated that “a part of being a brand ambassador is knowing how to manage the crowd,” so this was a great setting for Alli & Maytee to learn. However, Maytee got a little over zealous and instead of observing she decided to become the unofficial photographer for Alli tried to stop her but Maytee believed she was taking the initiative to prove her purpose at the House of DVF. Unfortunately, it was at the moment she interrupted an interview to take a picture of Betsey Johnson that sealed her fate and was sent home.


One of the things that I learned from this episode is being a “mean girl” will not help you get to the top. Work hard, be knowledgeable about what you do, have a desire to learn, understand what teamwork means, take constructive criticism and create your own identity to where people always know your work. I always want my work to speak for itself, regardless of whether you know me or not.


Another thing I learned is you have to know why you desire to do something and what you can bring to the table. Having the gift of gab will eventually run its course because people will see the real you. Don’t walk into an interview or an opportunity and not know why you are there and what you want from that person or the situation. I have to know why I would want to work for “Oprah” because just being thankful for the opportunity will only get me so far.

This was a great episode. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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