Hood Rich

It is a true statement when they say “Fashion speaks louder than words!” It further proves that first impressions are a lasting one. When I look at these pictures, it’s almost as if a whole new personality came out. Some would call that an alter ego but she will remain unnamed at this time, LOL! I thought this “rich” printed bodysuit was an interesting piece and knew it would come in handy. I brought it a month ago, not really thinking of a specific way to wear it. The outfits that I don’t try to purposefully pair together, usually are the ones that come together the best. I kept this outfit super simple, pairing the bodysuit with short shorts, plaid flannel and flat boots. Outfit had me feeling a little “Hood Rich” though, LOL!

“Get rich or die trying!”

Outfit Details:

Bodysuit, shorts & plaid shirt: Forever 21

Boots: Steve Madden

Shades & Rings: Express

image image image image image image

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