His Jeans, My Style

Although I have evolved into such a girly-girl, I am a tomboy at heart! Growing up, baggy jeans was the “in” thing and I could just borrow my dad or my brothers jeans when I wanted the baggy effect. I started buying my own men’s jeans when it really became popular during the 90’s R&B era. I grew up with 4 brothers and 6 male cousins so I was always into sport and loved dressing up like them. Even as I started to become  girly-girl, I would wear a baggy shirt, skater skirt with Timberland boots. By the time high school came around, I was a complete girly-girl when it came to my clothes but always a tomboy at heart. When the boyfriend jeans became popular, it took me forever to find the right fit; literally over a year. When I came across these jeans, I fell in love immediately because rip jeans are super sexy to my. And once I tried them on, I knew that I finally found a pair of boyfriend jeans that had a proper fit and was my style. To give it more of a tomboy chic look, I paired the jeans with a t-shirt, accessories and heels. Once you find the right pair of boyfriend jeans, putting it together is the easy part.

Where have you found your perfect pair of boyfriend jeans?

Outfit Details:

T-shirt, Rings & Spiked-cuff Bracelet: Forever21

Boyfriend Jeans: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply

Necklace and Shades: Express

Heels: Steve Madden

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