He’s Got Style: Leif

I’m particularly excited about this weeks “He’s Got Style” because this is the first time I’m showing Men’s Fashion on my blog and also, this is my youngest brother (it took everything in me to not refer to him as my baby brother, LOL). So allow me to formally introduce this weeks “He’s Got Style,” my brother Leif.

I actually asked my brother a while ago to take some pics of him for my blog but at the time, I didn’t know how I would incorporate his style on my blog. I’m glad it finally worked out so that everyone can have a look at my fashionable brother. I would like to take partial credit for his fashion sense because when we were younger, I use to always ask him to tell me what he liked and didn’t like about my outfit. I don’t know if he gives me credit but I damn sure do, LOL! So take a look at his style and let me know what you think.

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Outfit Details: Turtleneck: Perry Ellis ; Slacks: Levi’s ; Suede Shoes: Calvin Klein

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Outfit Details: Hooded Tee: Propaganda ; Jeans: Levi’s ; Sneakers: Spike Jordans

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Outfit Details: Vest: Buffalo ; Long-Sleeve Shirt: Armani Xchange ; Jeans: Hudson ; Boots: Timberland

image image image


Outfit Details: Pony Tail Blazer: Guess ; Dress Shirt: INC Slim Fit ; Corduroy Pants: Perry Ellis ; Suede Loafers: Bruno Magli


Q: What inspires your style?

A: “I like to think my style is eclectic. It’s a cross between Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z. I like to be comfortable but still classy. Ultimately my style is a reflection of how I am feeling that day.”

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