Don’t Kill My Vibe

A little over a month ago, a friend of mine told me that she seen one of my pictures in a magazine. I honestly thought she had me mistaken for someone. I really could not believe her. To end my disbelief, she sent me the below images of the magazine cover and the article my picture was used in. I was beyond shocked. A part of me was excited because lil’ ol’ me was in a magazine. But the other part of me felt taken advantage of because my picture was used without my permission for their own personal gain. If you can take the time out to view my blog and see a picture that you like, you could have just as easily ask my permission to use the picture. I did make an attempt to contact the writer of the article and/or the magazine editor but was unsuccessful.

If my friend didn’t happen to be visiting back home in Nigeria, then I would have never found out that my picture was even in a magazine. Which began to make me wonder how many other people have their pictures being used without permission and probably doesn’t even know it. I actually received a lot of feedback when I posted the pictures on my Instagram and Facebook account with people being in just as much disbelief as I was. One of the changes that I have made since this incident was using watermarks on my pictures, which is very time consuming, not allowing to right-click on pictures and using a copyright on my site. While none of this is 100 proof, it will at least deter someone from using my picture without asking.

I actually work really hard with my blog content and all of the visuals provided so I would honestly appreciate for those who want to use any content on my blog, to ask permission first. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. And thank you to those who continue to support my blog.

I found a very informative article that gives some great advice about how to deter people from stealing your images, titled Stop Stealing my Sh*t!

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Thought this meme was cute so had to add it for emphasis, LOL (yes, this picture is not mine)


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