Denim on Denim

Most Denim on Denim outfits are usually the same denim color, sometimes with a slightly different shade of denim. I chose to pair a denim top with white denim shorts, mainly due to denim shirt having white designs on it. The Denim on Denim look is currently trending right now and I believe it’s fairly easy to pull off. Here are a few guidelines I like to follow:

1. Not all denim pieces go together. I wouldn’t wear this top with green-colored denim jeans just to say I’m wearing Denim on Denim

2. If separate denim items are of the exact same shade, try wearing a belt or make sure its crop denim top so that there is a division between the two items

3. Don’t over do it, keep it simple

Anyone that knows me, know I love denim. It can be a┬ásimple or safe outfit and transform to edgy and daring. It all depends on your personal style as to how you wear denim. There is no harm in trying on an outfit in front of your mirror to see how the outfit pairs well together (that goes for any and all types of outfits), it’s what you choose to wear in public that matters. What you wear is a direct representation of who you are and what mood you’re in. Have fun with fashion but be aware of the statement you are trying to make.

“Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think & twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagine.”

Outfit Details: Denim top & shorts: Forever21 ; Matching chain & bracelet: Express ; Red Lipstick: Riri Woo by MAC Cosmetics ; Boots: Charles David ; Car: Dodge Challenger aka “Nasty”


Denim on Denim Denim on Denim Denim on Denim

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