Date Night

I recently started using Polyvore, which is a website that allows you to create visual images for fashion, beauty, home decor and where ever else your create mind wants to create. I love this website because it allows me to creatively put different outfits together with no influence from anyone but my own. The idea from this “Date Night” collection came from when a friend of mine needed an idea of what she should wear on a first date. We, as women, always want to make a lasting impression, down from our personality to what we are wearing, and how our hair is styled. Who doesn’t want the night to end up being perfect. Here are a few outfit ideas I put together.

Summer Romper

There are no limits to what you can wear on a date. A romper is very versatile as to wear it can be worn. It all depends on how you style it. I chose a print romper and added color with the heels, bag and lipstick. The way it is styled can be work to dinner, a movie, or a lounge, to where you don’t feel under dressed. Heels always dress up an outfit so this is a perfect idea for a date, especially if you to dressed for any “date” occasion.








Beauty is her Name 

This outfit is such an elegant and classy look. Unless where you are going requires such an elaborate look, I wouldn’t consider this to be a first date outfit. Long skirts have definitely made its way back into mainstream, so you wouldn’t feel out-of-place wearing it. This outfit is for a specific outing, where you would like to stand out and be beautiful. This is simply a black bodysuit with a full bell skirt paired with black heels and purse. Neutral color make-up and lips would complete this elegant look.








Belle Fleur

A print dress is a perfect way to stand out and keep your date’s full attention. Don’t get me wrong, what you wear won’t simply keep your date’s attention, but it doesn’t hurt to give them an extra reason to do so. I’m in love with the colors and mix prints on this dress. To keep the boldness going, I styled the dress with purple caged heels and a fuchsia clutch. Because the whole look is bold enough, I would keep the make-up almost nude. You don’t want everything to be too bold, which would make it more distracting than appealing.








Essence of Beauty

When I seen this hi-low dress, I envisioned someone making a grand entrance. The color itself exudes confidence, which I believe is the “Essence of Beauty.” I would consider this to be an outfit one would wear on a “Date Night” between a couple who designate time for one another to keep the relationship going. Ladies, we have to remember that we shouldn’t let ourselves go just because we finally got the man. What we did to get him, is what we should continue to do to keep him. Some might think this as a superficial aspect to the relationship but I enjoy looking good for someone who I have feelings for. I enjoy seeing how he looks at me as a whole, to admire all of me. This outfit does just that.










Hope you enjoyed this post and I plan to make this a regular weekly post. If you’re on Polyvore, you can follow me at lorettaj6.

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