C’est La Vie

Lately I’ve been into wearing all white, with accents of color to add some dimension to the look. All white is very elegant and classic and I just really love how the look comes together. We are going into Fall, where the colors will shift from the bright colors of summer and into Fall appropriate colors, which tends to be on the darker side. Even when you go shopping, stores have transitioned into displaying darker colored items. I’m not one to follow seasons, as to what color scheme I should be wearing. I tend to wear what I feel at the moment. I can understand colder climates wearing darker colored clothing due to the weather but in Miami, it is mostly summer year round. But there is no need to follow trends, wear what you want and whatever makes you confident at that moment. That is the very essence of life. C’est La Vie!

Outfit Details: Bodysuit, Skirt & Necklace: Express ; Clutch: bebe ; Floral Jacket: Forever 21 ; Heels: Christian Louboutin

image image image image image image image

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