Casual Friday

Whenever my coworkers and I plan to attend a Happy Hour on Friday, I carefully choose what I am going to wear to work that day. Since most Happy Hour’s are usually from 5-7 PM, I don’t have the opportunity to go home and change. And more than likely, if I go home, I will end up just staying home, LOL! You never know who you are going to meet so I always aim to look presentable. In my line of work, I regularly deal with a lot of clients so I am careful to never be too casual. So choosing something to wear to work and be able to go out right after, is essential when it comes to Happy Hour or going out period. However, I do dress according to where I am going. Since we normally do a lounge or bar, I kept it casual in some loose fitting pants, camisole top and jacket.

Outfit: Pants ; Top ; Jacket ; Heels ; Purse

image image image image image

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