My Black is Beautiful

One thing I love about wearing all black is that it never goes out of style, it transcends all seasons and always fitting for any occasion. Wearing black is one of those things I have to make a conscious effort to not do all the time but I always find myself gravitating towards it. The perfect thing about this shirt dress is that I can wear it without the jeans and still be fashionable. Because the shirt is so simple, I love pairing it with a statement necklace (Warning: the necklace looks as heavy as it appears. LOL). Apart from the necklace, I paired the shirt with python print jeans. This was another way to add a little character to the look as a whole. The two-toned black and blue lace up heels was a subtle way to add a pop of color. I did want to keep the whole look relatively in all black so a little color never hurts. The hat came on as a last-minute add-on which I loved how it pulled the whole look together.

I usually keep my posts very light but due to recent events, I feel compelled to make a comment about a recent incident in the media about Zendaya‘s Loc’ed Hair that she debuted at the 87th Academy Awards. She is one of my FAV looks at the Grammy’s, which you can see in my last post “Inspire Me Mondays: The Oscars 2015.” Just as an individual, I thought she looked beautiful and I didn’t put a second thought to how people might respond to her loc’ed hair. One of the most publicized negative responses came from Giuliana Rancic on E! Fashion Police, where she stated that “Zendaya looked like she smelled of patchouli oil … or maybe weed.” When did it become okay to go on national television and blatantly disrespect someone just by the way she styled her hair? You hear stories of stereotypes and racism all the time but I don’t know if I have ever witnessed it on television. She received so much backlash for it and made a public apology to Zendaya and anyone offended by her statement. I truly hope she takes this as a learning experience and is more conscious of what she says and how it may come off to the viewers. I commend Zendaya and her response to the negative comments she received because of her hair.

Regardless of how I decide to wear my hair, or what clothes I choose to put on…. MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL and we should not be afraid to show people who we really are.

Outfit: Shirt: Urban Outfitters ; Jeans: Express ; Heels Zara (old) ; Necklace: Aldo ; Hat: Forever 21

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