A Shade of Gray

Remember the days when sweatpants were simply for lying around the house or for working out? Who would have ever thought that you could actually dress up sweats. I actually purchased the sweatpants separate from the blazer and I didn’t initially envision pairing the two items together until I actually wore it. I like these gray sweatpants because I wasn’t going for the baggy look and just liked the overall fit of it. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many blazers so when I seen this gray one, I brought it because I didn’t have a blazer in this color and I loved the material. The gray’s happened to match up perfectly and it almost seem as if it came together as a set, LOL! This is why I think my way of shopping is beneficial to me because I just purchase what I like. And when it’s time to get dressed, I let the creativity flow. I find that in the times where I am specifically looking for something, I can never find it. I simply paired the blazer and sweats with a black sheer t-shirt and over accessorized with the necklace, bangles and shades.

“Add a little extra to the ordinary things in life and you’re sure to be extraordinary.” – Loren Ridinger

Outfit Details:

Blazer, Sweat pants and heels: Forever 21

Tank Top: H&M

Necklace & Shades: Express

Bangles: Old from Bebe

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